Pictured above:  A solar power system installed in Saint Johns, Florida using 56-panels of the latest generation all-black style. The system produces approximately $2,500 of offset electricity annually at current utility kWh rates.

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We are Jacksonville’s longest running solar electric power contracting company.

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Most folks who visit us are hoping solar energy can help them. Your electric bill is: An Ever Increasing, Never Ending Expense, and it will never go away. Doing nothing about it will only result in more money you pay to the electric company with nothing to show for it.
As an example, if your electric consumption in North East Florida is 18,000 kWh/year, at a 2.8% utility inflation rate, you will pay the electric company over $78,000 over the next 25 years. But now, you have an option. You can own your own Solar Power System and pay for it with savings by reducing your electric bill. The side benefits are, you will increase your home’s value and you will have a direct effect on reducing atmosphere.
So, the short answer is YES!…Solar Energy Labs can help you plan for the future in many ways.

$0 Down Financing

You can install solar power with Zero Money Down, low interest rate financing This is so electric bill savings can cover all or most of the monthly payment. Once your system is paid for, you will enjoy years of security and financial freedom to use your electricity savings forthings like kids’ college tuition or vacations.

Performance Guaranteed

Solar electricity production is very predictable, so we put yoursystem’s projected monthly and annual electricity production in writing. Added to this, the solar panel manufacturers guarantee a minimum performance of your panels for 25 years. There is also a 25 year hardware warranty that covers in the unlikely event of a component failure.

Increased Home Value

A U.S. Department of Energy/ Berkley Lab study shows, homes in your area with solar power installed sell twice as fast as similar homes without it. Having solar also increases the homes value by $3,780 for every 1000 watts of solar installed A copy of the study is available upon request. Or you can click this link to review. 

Going solar is a simple three step process…

Step 1

Consider your options.

We’ll use satellite imagery and sophisticated software to custom design a solar power system just for you. We’ll check your roof condition and the capacity of your electric service panel. We’ll answer all your questions and give you a fixed price proposal with your estimated electricity production in writing.

Step 2

We take care of everything.

Congratulations! You’vedecided to go solar. American Solar in Jacksonville, Florida will take care of all the engineering, pull the necessary permits, arrange for the net metering agreement with your electric utility company, install your new solar power system, and show you how to monitor its performance.

Step 3

Enjoy your new system.

With our system performance monitoring app, track your solar electricity production on your smart phone, laptop or desktop. Be prepared for lots of questions from envious friends and neighbors. Refer them to us and earn a cash bonus if they become one of our customers.

A solar heated pool in North, FL can double your swim season!

We believe solar power panels are a better way to heat a swimming pool. The old style rubber panels use your pump to circulate pool water up to your roof and back and they have trouble in high wind conditions. Let us show you how to have an even longer swim season using state of the art heat pump technology. The warranty on the solar panels is 25 years.

Why Choose SOLAR ENERGY LABS as your Jacksonville Solar Provider?

Selling, installing and servicing solar energy systems is all we do. We are Jacksonville’s longest standing solar providers. Here are three facts about our company that we believe are important.


Our founder and CEO has been in the Solar Energy business in Jacksonville Florida since 1975. We have worked in all areas of the solar industry. Our installation team is the best in the area. Our only interest is, using what we know to help you move up to solar power. We have done business in Jacksonville and surrounding areas for over four decades.

Only the Best

Your system will be designed for your needs, and to maximize the attractiveness of your home. You will get best-in-class solar panels and inverters and receive a 10 year roof attachment warranty that is the best in the industry. All energy production estimates will be in writing. And if a competitor offers you a better price for the sameequipment, we’ll match it.


Some solar companies may not provide you with written documentation. If they do, it may be that what you get is not understandable. It’s infuriating. We don’t play the “hide the price” game. Yes, every system is different. But that doesn’t mean we can’tgive you a firm system price and we do. And, we make the information easy to read and understand.